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Salt tablets for softeners

Calcium and magnesium ions cause hard water. In a water softener, these ions are bound to a resin (ion exchanger), resulting in soft water. The ion exchanger in the water softener must be rinsed regularly with a brine solution.

Salt tablets make this brine without further complications. This increases the effectiveness and durability of your water softener.

Our water softening products have been specially developed to meet the requirements of all types of water softening systems. Salt for water softening has been developed for industrial and domestic applications. All our salt water softening products meet the highest European purity requirements for treatment of water intended for human consumption.

Softening salt in tablet form is available in bags of 25 kg

And not unimportant: our salt tablets have and “convex” top and bottom so that the continuous flow of water in a salt container is better possible.


Salt tablets

Sodium Chloride (NaCl) 99.8% * of which sodium 39.0%
moisture (H2O) < 0.05% * Based on dried pure salt
Round tablets Ø 25 x 17 mm