A customer testifies

In the 15 years that we have been busy with water treatment, we have built up an extensive database of satisfied customers. Jos Vanhove, a manager of a well-known supermarket chain, testifies to his positive experiences with MCBwater in this short film.



Some reactions from satisfied users

Mrs Foulon from Merksem:

We have worn 2 dishwashers in a short time before MCBwater came. With their water softener, that is fortunately over. Our current model has been there for 5 years.

Mr. Dirksen, maintenance man at the Antwerp Zoo:

A very positive experience: these gentlemen know their trade.

Mr. J. Karelse from Eindhoven (NL):

We have calculated to have saved about 200 bottles of expensive spring water in a year’s time. Well, the water filter has earned itself back in a little more than a year.

Mr. Vranken from Bilzen:

Our energy bill has fallen since we have an MCB softener. Meanwhile, we have learned that per mm scale on the heating element up to 4% efficiency loss can have, that saves.