North Star®

North Star U9

The smallest model a device for small families. The North Star 9 Ultra ultra has everything to let you enjoy all the benefits of soft water. The NorthStar U9 has a 100m3 capacity per year.

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North Star 11ED

The compact water softener for low consumption and limited installation space. This is a device for small users. The NorthStar 11ED has a capacity 200m3 per year.

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North Star 14ED

A water softener with small dimensions for almost every family. Suitable for a household up to six people. The NorthStar 14ED has a capacity 300m ³ per year.

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North Star 17ED

The NorthStar 17ED is the most sold device together with 14ED. Suitable for a family with a relatively high water consumption. The NorthStar 17ED has a capacity 400m ³ per year

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North Star 25ED

This water softener is suitable for commercial use in small catering establishments, sports clubs and companies. The NorthStar 25ED has a capacity 500 m³ per year.

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North Star 40UD

Specific appliance for the business market. This device is particularly suitable for sports facilities and small sauna companies with larger water meters. The NorthStar 40 has a capacity 750m³ per year.

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Did you know that?

When installing a device at a home older than 5 years, you benefit from a reduced VAT rate.

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