The Importance of Maintenance and Service

It is important that your drinking water system stays in top condition. For maintenance of your water softener and drinking water system you have come to the right place. We do the maintenance of the appliances we install annually. Even if your installation is not installed by us, that is no problem. We are also specialized in the maintenance of other brands of water softeners such as Fleck, autotrol, aragonite, ecowater, bwt, … in short, 95% of all devices on the Belgian market. You can also come to us for salt tablets for hard water.

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An annual maintenance water softener includes:

  • Disinfection of the device
  • Cleaning mechanism
  • Control operation
  • Control water
  • Control consumption
  • Adjusting your softener

During the maintenance of your water softener, we not only look at whether everything is still working properly, but your appliance will also be cleaned and possibly re-adjusted. In addition to replacing the necessary filters, we also remove deposits so that your water softener works perfectly.


After the maintenance on your water softener by one of our technicians, you are automatically entitled to 1 year warranty on hourly wages and travel.