Drinking Water Systems

A water filter from MCBwater turns your tap into a ready-to-use drinking water source. The advantages at a glance:

  • You have yourself always disposal of ‘fresh’ and ‘healthy’ drinking water
  • The quality is continuously high
  • No need for plastic bottles of drinking water, making a huge one cost reduction and many less waste.
  • Your preparations are tastier and healthier
  • Your drinking water is suitable for the preparation of baby food
  • You think about it the environment because fewer chemicals end up in your drain 

We would like to visit you with a bottle of filtered water. This allows you to taste the quality we offer you, as it can also come from your own crane. 

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Pure soft water

Are you looking for a drinking water system? Then you are at the ideal address here. MCBwater specializes in water and we can advise you in the system that suits you best. The disadvantage of bottled water is that it is expensive, environmentally unfriendly and takes time to buy. This is a thing of the past with a drinking water system or water softener. The lime in your water is removed so that from now on you can enjoy the pure taste of coffee and tea. But you also notice the advantage with such a drinking water system when preparing other dishes. Ideal for the connoisseur. 

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On average, a Belgian drinks about 150 liters of water per year. We drink 6 times more than average here in Belgium and we are in the top 5 bottled water drinkers in the world. Water is naturally healthy and also incredibly important. Thanks to water, we feel spiritually and physically healthy. Would you like to taste the taste and convenience of bottled water from your tap? This is possible with MCBwater drinking water systems. Thanks to such a drinking water system at home, you are also more environmentally friendly. The advantages of such a device at a glance: 

  • You save money 
  • Better for the environment 
  • Time gain 
  • Healthier living 

Drinking water system domestic AQUAPRO AP680


4-stage filtration system consisting of: 

  • 5 micron dirt filter  
  • 5 micron activated carbon block pre-filter
  • membrane filter (190L / 24 hours)
  • post-filter activated carbon 

Chrome tap Connection piece drain 40 Storage tank 12 liters of drinking water

POLYETHYLENE with shut-off tap 



Enjoying pure drinking water!

Quickly enjoy pure drinking water? You can do that with such a purification system that you can expect the quality of bottled water from your tap. Contact us and inquire about the possibilities.